Dairy-Free “Chunky Monkey” Ice Cream! (Vegan,Vegetarian,Paleo,AIP,SCD,GAPS)

The UK has been experiencing a mini-heatwave as of late and everyone is eating ice cream around me…
But as you may know, I can’t consume dairy due to my autoimmune disease.

So the last couple of weeks, I’ve been getting constant questions and remarks about how inconvenient my disease is and how hard my life must be without cheese or ice cream.
Honestly, I used to be sad about it but I’ve come to terms with it. No matter how good something tastes, it is never worth the pain and damage that it will cause my gut…
Also, I don’t feel sad about what I can and can’t eat anymore because it fuels my creativity in the kitchen!

This recipe is so simple and makes me super happy! One of my favourite ice creams used to be Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey !
I have managed to recreate a (dare I say it…) much better tasting version using only a few ingredients!

The beauty of this ice cream like most of my recipes is that you don’t need any speciality ingredients. All can easily be found in at any local supermarket anywhere in the world at an for an affordable price!


-Frozen Ripe Bananas
-70% Dark Chocolate pieces
-Any selection of nuts (Hazelnuts, Pecans, Almonds etc…)

  • Blend bananas into a smooth consistency
  • Mix in chocolate pieces and nuts
  • Serve straight away.

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I have eaten gigantic bowls of this ice cream for breakfast or a snack many times in the last 3 years…

There is no longer any guilt associated with my ice cream consumption because it is homemade and has many health benefits:

You get potassium and B complex vitamins from your bananas which are great for a huge array of ailments such as improving heart health, alleviating anxiety, and soothing skin disorders.
Almonds,hazelnuts and pecans are not just good for your bone health due to their high calcium content but also have vitamin E which plays a vital role in improving your body’s metabolic processes.
Furthermore the good fats present in the nuts , like oelic acid and linoleic acid, are also powerful antioxidants which have been found to be effective in the prevention of cancers.

Tell me again just how restrictive you think my diet is and I’ll show you how much goodness I actually eat!

Let me know in the comments, what is your favourite desert and do you ever feel restricted by your diet?

Till next time my healthy backpackers!








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