Grain-free Sushi Recipe! (Vegan,Vegetarian,Paleo,AIP)


Rice-less sushi ?!? Yes, it’s possible!

If you have trouble digesting rice and are craving it (specifically sushi) I have an awesome recipe below for you!

Before I got sick, I used to love the art of sushi and didn’t think I could ever recreate it at home. I’d always pay a small fortune to go out to sushi restaurants. I also didn’t think I would ever eat it again since it would give me stomach aches. But my disease has pushed me to be more creative in my recipes which actually a lot of fun.

I am happy to report nearly 4 years since cutting out grains, I have experimented eating rice again and that I can digest it fine! This is proof that you can build up your gut health to be strong enough to digest “forbidden” foods again once your gut is healed

No matter what, stay strong and keep positive!

So here is another creation with cauli-rice! You can barely taste cauliflower at all as the seaweed and sushi filling flavors are quite empowering.
I had never attempted to make sushi prior to these pictures being taken but was amazed how easy this was! Took about 10minutes in total!


-Approx 1 cup of cauli-rice
– A few teaspoons of rice wine vinegar
– Nori Seaweed sheet
– Spinach
– Carrot
– Cucumber
– Baby tomatoes
– Gluten free Soy sauce
– Fine green beans

  • Lay a sushi mat (or alternatively a small towel) on a flat surface.
  • Place a sheet of Nori onto it.
  • Make sure your cauli-rice is drained and as dry as possible so that when you place it onto the nori sheet doesn’t fall apart later.
  • Mix a teaspoon of rice vinegar with a pinch of sugar and salt. Add to taste
  • Place spinach leaves on top of the cauli-rice .
  • Cut your vegetables into matchsticks and small slices
  • Try and roll the sushi as tightly as possible (Mine was a bit of a mess but am still proud of it as it was my first attempt)
  • Wet the  to hold the sushi roll together
  • Once that dries up a bit , cut your sushi into smaller pieces.
  • Serve with lightly steamed green beans and soy sauce

You can really get creative and create your own sushi filling recipes ! Personally I love fresh fillings and have a lot of fun trying different ones everytime I make this recipe. Beetroot,avocado and cucumber combo is my favourite at the moment!

Let me know down in the comments, what your favourite sushi fillings are so that we can roll together! (Bad joke, I know, I’m sorry!)

Till the next time my healthy backpackers!