Living that medina life (Morocco 2016)

This was a relatively short trip but it was full of nostalgia as I rediscovered the neighbourhoods I grew up in. Rabat has changed immensely since I left in 2006!

A lot changes in a decade you might say but wow, there are so many new buildings and roads and tramways popping up all over the place!

However some things stay the same, like the unconditional love your family has for you or the traditions of religious holidays and of course the customs of the locals !
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Reflections on Ramadan 2016

I just posted this picture on Instagram :

After years of searching for that fictional pot of gold at the end of the rainbow , my perspective changed and now am constantly in awe at the majestic beauty in our universe.

The planet’s cyclical phases and nature’s recurring mathematical patterns are things that we tend to overlook in day to day life.

During Ramadan however, we become hyper aware of the sunset/sunrise, the phases of the moon and overall mindfulness levels… Continue reading